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If you order before 15.00 we usually deliver the next workday. Orders after 15.00 might not be processed until the next day. Currently we deliver orders to the following countries: The Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Belgium, and Germany. If you live somewhere else but really, really, really want to order then e-mail us and we’ll get a quote from our postal service.


Once you receive your new shoes, you have 14 days to decide if you want to keep them. During this period you are allowed to try your shoes as you would in a store. Please take care when trying them on. We do not accept returns that show signs of use. So don’t take them for a ride on your skateboard: that means they stay yours. Totally works by the way: skateboarding on Recharge. Send us a picture though. If you decide to return your fresh kicks (why is beyond us), please use the supplied outer box. We include a return form in all our deliveries, so you won’t have to ask your friend to use her printer again. Last but not least: delivery costs are on us, return costs are on you. Deal?

NL Retourformulier
EN Return Form


We’re a charitable bunch here at Recharge. What’s more: we know our shoes. Inside out. So any questions: ask! Simply drop us a line with the form below. We appreciate your feedback and usually get back to you within a few hours. Unless you live in an exotic timezone. Then we’ll probably be asleep and it might take a while. On the plus side: you’ll probably have better weather than us.

The small print

Or: the terms and conditions. EU regulations and stuff. You can download the PDF with the button below.

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