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Lookbook 2020

Comfort re-designed; that is what Recharge Footwear is all about. Because we think women with difficult feet should not be limited in their shoe choice. Many women are. That why we made a new collection.

Recharge Footwear was founded in 2015, and introduced to the market in the summer of 2016. The philosophy at Recharge is to make a shoe fashion statement for the customer who values style as much as comfort. We embrace all those daring women who won’t compromise to fashion, yet need to wear comfort shoes.

All our models are designed to fit a personal footbed, even our open shoes, completely invisible. If needed you can take out our footbed and change for your own. Of course our shoes have a perfect supportive footbed for all those lucky ones who don’t need this personal support.


We also want to make an effort to make fashion as sustainable as possible. That's why we produce in Europe (Portugal) and added a vegetable tanned leather to our collection. Like the one used for this boot. Let's go green.


Natural materials like rope, cork, reed and wood are becoming more and more popular. Sometimes as detail in the upper of the shoe, but also used for soles. It instantly gives that comfort summer feel we all long for.


What started as the "dad sneaker" has now become a whole new development in soles for shoes. From sneaker to sandal, we love the chunky soles. Not only for it's look, but defintely also for comfort.

THE 90'S

Geometry and architecture have influenced the shape of shoes as well. The new heels and "square toe" find their origin in the design characteristics of the 90's.